Wholesale 100% real brazilian hair

Drop is here and winter is correct around the corner! The challenge of changing your lifestyle during the start of these a few months is always a battle. What goes on if the new hair colour doesn't enhance your appearance, after that are you stuck with the color? Would you like to damage your own natural tresses any more with the constant color? Then, finding the right colorist (this can be an adventure on the own)! These are a few of the queries women ask themselves during the time of year of change.

Instead of all of the drama, choose to add volume level, length and color by utilizing cheap brazilian hair extensions! You get the look you would like, without the commitment. Eye with regard to Design shows Posh Elegance Blog how to color hair extensions without damaging your own hair within the article below. Eye With regard to Design is a hair extension organization that provides high quality and long-lasting remy virgin Brazilian, Indian native, Malaysian, and European human being hair.

First, make sure you buy 100% Remy human hair extensions that matches the texture of your natural hair. You want totally human hair, as this will certainly color, while synthetic curly hair will not. Eye for Style human hair extension company bears 100% real brazilian hair and 100% Remy Virgin Indian, Brazilian as well as Malaysian Human Hair.

After you have picked out your buy brazilian hair extensions business, remember this tip, it is usually easier and less damaging towards the hair extensions to color all of them from lighter to more dark, than from darker in order to lighter (especially Remy Western Human Hair, as most cut in/tape/fusion hair extensions have already been via a chemical process, we counsel you NOT to color your hair plug-ins lighter or bleach these. If you want to lighten your hair exts, use a toner. A toner will bring out the natural brazilian wavy hair color and add 'tones' for your hair extensions). Virgin metoden (hair extensions that has in no way been colored) can be bleached and colored lighter and also darker.

Often we recommend the novice person get yourself a color wheel so that you can obtain the perfect hair color which will blend seamlessly with your own organic hair, adding natural searching highlights without coloring your hair extensions yourself. Or look for a colorist that knows how to shade hair extensions. These are the 2 most secure ways to obtain colored hair extensions. But if you are determined to coloring them yourselves, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Hair extensions are more dry than your own natural locks, so we suggest a lotion based dye that's a maximum of 20 volume peroxide.

second.ALWAYS perform a strand examination before coloring your total set of hair extensions.

3.Ensure that you have combed your extension cords prior to coloring. Also avoid color your hair extensions if they happen to be wet or damp.

We all want the Ombre look. There are a secret to how to colouring hair extensions ombre and that is to be able to color the top halves from the wefts to match the rest of your normal hair (this is because hair extensions can only be dyed 1 or 2 shades darker). So the group of hair extensions that you choose ought to be the color ombre that you want at the bottom. You will need the following to colour your hair extensions:

Small combining bowl
A tint clean
Hair dye kit
Hair shampoo
Leave-in conditioner
Gloves, bath towels
Tin foil

4. Once you have all the necessary tools in position you can start coloring your hair extension cables ombre.

5. Follow the instructions on the kit that you bought.


1. Apply an adequate amount of00 color to completely saturate every section of your hair extensions.
2. not Make sure that you color both sides of the extensions When coloring usually apply from your starting point down, following the natural fall in the hair. If you apply the colour upside down/upward brushing, this may damage your extensions and could leave your extensions frizzy or disheveled.

3. Colour should process anywhere from twenty to 40 minutes. You might want to check a small section each and every 5 to 10 minutes, by softly rubbing the color off the expansion with a paper towel, however make sure to reapply the color together with your color brush after examining, (hair color when damp appears darker than dried out hair color).

4. Utilize cool low pressure drinking water to completely rinse (15-20 minutes) the color from your extensions. You have to allow the water to circulation in the direction that the tresses naturally falls, from the clipped/wefted portion of the extension to the finishes. Thoroughly rinse each area and lightly shampooed having a mild, sulfate free, heavy moisturizing or color secure shampoo. All color should be removed from your hair extensions.

five. After proper rinsing along with shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner to each section of your own extensions and comb along with your paddle brush. Lay the actual extensions out and allow these to air-dry thoroughly before with them.

Follow these tips and i hope you will have minimal damage to your current Eye for Design individual hair extensions.